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Author, Thomas Moore, family roots remain here in Montezuma

Thomas Moore 8Thomas Moore, author of the New York Times bestselling Care of the Soul, which is just now out in its 25th anniversary edition will be appearing Friday night, April 15, 2016, at 7 PM at the Willard Chapel in Auburn. He has written twenty other books and is currently writing a book on Aging with Soul.  He was a monk and a musician and now divides his time between writing, lecturing and being a psychotherapist. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Hari Kirin, artist and yoga teacher-trainer. His daughter is a recording singer of spiritual music and his stepson is an architect.

Thomas’ great-grandfather, William Nugent and wife, Catherine, emigrated to America in the mid 1850’s and settled in Auburn, NY, with four sons and one daughter. Their son, William married Mary O’Brien and built a farm on land they purchased on Fuller Road in Montezuma. They raised eight children: five sons and three daughters. Daughter, Agnes Nugent-Owens, is Thomas’ grandmother. The farm is where Thomas spent many of his childhood summers, arriving with his parents Mary and Ben, brother Jim, his grandparents, aunts and uncles from Detroit, Michigan. The rest of the family would return to Detroit, but Thomas chose to stay on the farm the rest of the summer spending time with his three great-uncles, Joseph, Thomas and John. His Uncle Tom became his mentor while working in the fields, caring for a team of horses and other daily farm chores.

Thomas enjoyed spending time with his nine cousins, the children of Agnes and William Thomas, who lived nearby. Agnes referred to Thomas as her tenth child. Thomas’ parents would return for the trip back to Detroit with Thomas in tow, just before school started; all would eagerly await the next summer to return to the farm again.

The farm was the focal point of family life and visitation by family neighbors and the local Catholic Priest, Fr. John Guy, along with his Irish Setter companion. Warm summer afternoons and evenings sitting under the two large Chestnut trees brought storytelling, kids, laughter, play with plenty of home made lemonade and ice cream along with a few beers tipped, too.

Thomas returned each summer until his entry to the Seminary and studying in Ireland. Today, the farm house and barns are long gone with only one majestic Chestnut tree remaining as the sacred marker of special family times. From those early days, Thomas has moved into the world as a husband, father, and author of over twenty books including many writings, speaking engagements and travels throughout the world.

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The article was written by Lucy Thomas, Montezuma Historical Society member, whose husband, Bill is one of the many cousins Thomas Moore visited when spending time on the farm in Montezuma.



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