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Wegmans Hit the Trail Passport Program | Montezuma Historical Society Montezuma Historical Society

Montezuma Historical SocietyMontezuma Historical Society

Wegmans Hit the Trail Passport Program

Richmond AqueductThe Richmond Aqueduct Trail is now a part of a 30-trail system program that was coordinated by a partnership with Wayne County Trails Works, Inc. villages and towns, and the Cornell Cooperative Extension Service Eat Well Play Hard Coalition and sponsored by Wegmans.   You are invited to explore the region and the diverse outdoor adventures in your own backyard!

Hit The Trail FlyerHow it works: 

  • Pick up a Passport book located in one of the kiosk sign-in boxes located in Montezuma Heritage Park at the trailheads on Chapman Road or High Street. Hit the Trail #2 to the Richmond Aqueduct where the marker is located. Rub the trail marker in your passport book. Then head out to visit the other 29 trails in Wayne County.
  • Or, download a phone app, “Hit the Trail” on your smartphone designed to enhance visitor experience and trail communication at all thirty trails sites. To ensure visitor safety, the app has Google Maps with directions, trail information, and push notifications. The app also includes surveys, information that can be used to improve the condition or safety of trails. The app uses Geo-triggered badges and passport prizes which create an incentive for trail adventurers. All of this information is easily and conveniently stored in the app and has the ability to enhance visitor experience and trail communication.
  • The program runs continuously. In order to enter for a chance to win a $250 Wegmans gift card, you need to complete 15 of the 30 trails in the booklet, and bring it to Cornell Cooperative Extension on Rt 88 in Newark. If you complete all 30 trails, you will have two entries in the drawing held annually in the Fall, and your entry remains in the pool.
  • For more information visit: http://trailworks.org/passport-trails/